Meuble Bois Jardin

About Us

Our company specializes in producing and selling of garden furniture predominantly made of oak.

Besides, we offer a selection of furniture made of ash, pine, deal and other types of wood.

The furniture that requires no maintenance

Oak is resistant to ageing and atmospheric effects and since garden furniture i ntended for outdoor use oak is best suited material for its production.

For garden furniture production we use solely and exclusively East European wood. The reason is that wood in this region features higher density and consequently higher endurance.

We treat our centurieslong ancestral traditions of oak furniture assembly with a gentle hand. This is precisely why we have done our utmost to adapt centuriesold traditions to modernity.

If you are looking for highgrade and attractivelooking garden furniture – look no further! On our company’s website you will find only upmarket furniture models. We are proud to introduce lodges, swings, pavilions, chairs and tables and other furniture for your garden.